Svensk version här. Between the 29th of April and 6th of May 2018 LIEBHERR World Team Table Tennis Championships will be held in Halmstad Arena, Sweden. Without doubt, this championships will be the biggest sport event ever in the city of Halmstad’s history. 72 women’s and 72 men’s team, all together 144 teams from all around the world, will be represented during the competitions that will be followed be hundreds of millions people back home.
 In 2013 the city of Halmstad was assigned the World Championships that previously had been held in world cities like Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Paris and Moscow. A great challenge for the table tennis in Sweden, the organizing committee and also the regional and local business. The city of Halmstad has already shown that the capacity of arranging big events exists and many such has been held in the past few years. The Swedish Melodifestivalen, The Tall Ship Races and the orienteering competition O-Ringen are all examples of successful arrangements. With table tennis in mind the city proudly arranged ITTF Legends Tour in March 2015 and in October the same year the Halmstad Arena was the scene for LIEBHERR Men’s World Cup. In addition to this the European Olympic Games Table Tennis Qualification was moved from Istanbul to Halmstad in last minute because of terrible terrorist actions. The last mentioned competition was without questioning the toughest challenge for the organization due to the short amount of time. A very hard work with many contributing hands made this last minute arrangement a big success and players together with coaches were all satisfied.

The LIEBHERR World Team Table Tennis Championships will however be something else. An organization will grow and work hard to make this championships a big hit. We hope and also believe that the whole region of Halland and the city of Halmstad will be well involved in the process of making something great. More information about the team event will be presented at the official website,, during this autumn. Read more about the city of Halmstad here.



PING PONG POWER syftar till att så många som möjligt på ett eller annat sätt ska komma i kontakt med pingis samt synliggöra och etablera intresse för lag-VM 2018 i Halmstad Arena.